September 6, 2021

GRUB | Trendy Dining x Haven Kitchen + Bar x Langley

Haven Kitchen + Bar | Langley, BC

LangleyHaven Kitchen + Bar markets itself as "modern casual dining", whatever that means to you. Located just off a seemingly random car park somewhere in the suburban depths of the Fraser Valley, the trendy spot feels intimately hip and vibrant with a nice array of dishes and beverages to enjoy.

Haven Kitchen + Bar | Langley, BC
Bullet with the Butterfly Wings (with bourbon, yuzu, caramelized honey, Thai basil, and cantaloupe)
With a full specialty cocktail list to complement its somewhat refined dining menu of various items of Pacific Northwestern influences, it feels like they're very much aiming for a "something for everyone" attitude in terms of its broad appeal.

Haven Kitchen + Bar | Langley, BC
dill pickle fried chicken wings (with dill pickle spices, dirty pickles, and ranch dipping sauce)
Most of everything ordered seemingly did the trick with well-prepared, cooked, and served items with pleasing flavours and ingredients to reflect tastes on the outskirts of city-dwellers.

Haven Kitchen + Bar | Langley, BC
Tourist (with vodka, Galliano, spinach, coconut water, and passionfruit)
Just about everyone seemed to have ordered a Haven's signature green cocktail that was safely funky in its mild novelty.

Haven Kitchen + Bar | Langley, BC

Inside the restaurant designed by House of Bohn, the decor and general interior design looked absolutely gorgeous and ornate with some colourfully gold-finished throughout the dining space but avoiding any gawdy contemporary details.

Haven Kitchen + Bar | Langley, BC
Haven Burger (with applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and caramelized onions on a brioche bun with truffle fries)
Haven meets expectations as a bright and shiny restaurant that's fairly pleasing while being a safe bet to eat and drink. It also manages to make its ultra hipness an inviting presence instead of an annoying feature.

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