January 23, 2020

TREAT | New in Town x Mello Donut Shop x Chinatown

Mello Donut Shop | Chinatown, Vancouver

Chinatown—(January 12, 2020) The new and modern, Korean-owned Mello Donut Shop—from the same proprietor of the well-loved but short-lived Uyu Ice Cream—shop opened up next door to Umaluma Gelato at the tail end of last year to an already exciting reception.

Mello Donut Shop | Chinatown, Vancouver
tiramisu + strawberry cream + pb&jelly + dark chocolate pudding + lemon curd + vanilla bean brioche doughnuts
Specializing in freshly-made Korean-style doughnuts (they spell 'em "donuts" here) with various cream-fillings, baked goods, and other pastries, the cute little shop meets café serves their own blend of Agro Roasters' organic fair-trade coffee while also offering thick soft serve ice cream (also available in affogatos).

Mello Donut Shop | Chinatown, Vancouver

So far, my favourite doughnuts were the tiramisu, dark chocolate pudding, and peanut butter and jelly brioche ones among their many tasty offerings. The fruiter lemon and strawberry tasted satisfying but did not spark the same kind of enjoyable flavour the sweeter options did.

Mello Donut Shop | Chinatown, Vancouver
Viennese iced coffee (made with ice cream)
In addition, their cereal cookie is another real treat while I didn't jive as much with the simpler or more traditional dipped or old-fashioned glazed doughnut varieties.

Mello Donut Shop | Chinatown, Vancouver
peanut chocolate + chocolate + matcha dipped doughnuts (right)
It's hard to understate just how charming the little eatery is with its sweet doughnuts and fresh coffee in a heavily pastel-colored decor. I also have to recommend you try the frothy iced coffee (not actually on the menu yet) for its delicious foamy topping.

Mello Donut Shop | Chinatown, Vancouver

Mello's doughnuts are undoubtedly soft, pillowy, and well "doughy" in their tastiness with a healthy amount of sweet flavours all making for appealing treats with your coffee.

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