October 20, 2014

From Hip to Coffee x Gene Cafe x Mount Pleasant

Coffee break at Gene Cafe on Main Street in Mount Pleasant on October 14, 2014.

Gene Cafe | Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

I love coffee shops. There's something about the lounging about vibe, hanging out, and caffeine in the air that appeals to me. Fortunately for me, Vancouver has many cafes of different varieties from chains to independents to pass the time in.

Gene Cafe | Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

Deep into the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, Gene's quaint, teardrop shaped cafe where Main Street and Kingsway converge (a kind of nexus between West and East Vancouver) is the apex intersection for attracting hipsters and trendy shoppers with a strong second-hand store vibe to it.

Gene Cafe | Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

Their no-nonsense, barebones (and relatively inexpensive) coffee menu is appealing in a comforting way. The basic decor and homey interior screams of the artsy, young but affluent kind of crowd.

Gene Cafe | Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

As for the coffee, my standard drink, an Americano, was noticeably strong and crisp with a nice, rich taste and flavour. Also, the all-day breakfast burrito looked very appetizing with its warm, egg-iness.

Gene Cafe | Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

It's hard not to be charmed by the strong coffee and open space completely surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, bringing all the sunlight of every corner inside to its great, central location. The indoor and outdoor benches make for an inviting feeling at Gene's. You can't beat the ambience and its simultaneous hidden gem yet centre of the universe quality.

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