July 8, 2014

From the Weekend: 3 Days in Portland

Portland Trip: 3 days in Portland wandering the the City of Roses in Oregon from June 26 to 28, 2014.

Ace Hotel | Portland, Oregon

Escaping the crazy, flash rainstorm outside by lounging inside Ace Hotel's lobby.

Union Way | Portland, OregonBailey's Taproom | Downtown Portland, Oregon

Union Way shopping arcade and an Occidental Roggenweizen wheat ale with rye at Bailey's Taproom.

Screen Door Restaurant | Portland, Oregon

Crispy fried buttermilk-battered chicken (with tasso ham gravy, mashed potatoes, and collard greens) and macaroni and cheese from Screen Door Restaurant.

Grassa Pasta Bar | Portland, Oregon

Can't beat the ten dollar pasta entrées at Grassa pasta bar in Downtown Portland.

Grassa Pasta Bar | Portland, Oregon

Carbonara pasta bowl (with bucatini, pork belly, fried egg, and pecorino).

Salt & Straw Ice Cream | Portland, Oregon

2 scoops of snickerdoodle cookie and gooey chocolate brownie ice cream flavours from Salt & Straw.

Waffle Window | Portland, Oregon

Blueberry cheesecake waffle (with blueberry compote, cheesecake pudding, fresh whipped cream, and baked graham cracker crumble topping) from Waffle Window.

Union Way | Portland, OregonAce Hotel | Portland, OregonScreen Door Restaurant | Portland, OregonBailey's Taproom | Portland, OregonWaffle Window | Portland, OregonThe People's Pig | Food Cart @ Portland, Oregon
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