June 1, 2014

From Chicken to Beef x Phnom Penh Restaurant x Chinatown

A Cambodian/Vietnamese dinner at Phnom Penh restaurant in Chinatown on May 27, 2014.

Phnom Penh Restaurant | Vancouver Chinatown

After a belly full of beer from the R&B Brewing event, Dennis and I walked over to Chinatown for an early dinner snack at everyone's favourite Cambo-Viet eatery. The decades old dining institution was fairly empty (a strange experience without their infamous line ups) as we sat down to settle our appetites.

Phnom Penh Restaurant | Vancouver Chinatown

I sipped smoothly on a pungent yet tasty durian moo shake. I enjoyed the combination of fruit, ice, and cream. You could taste it by smelling it.

Phnom Penh Restaurant | Vancouver Chinatown

My favourite is always the filet beef luc lac on rice with egg (always make sure to get the egg for an extra 45¢). I love the combination of marinated beef and rice with fish sauce. It's standard but always delicious. Pro tip: You can ask for fried rice instead of white if that's your jam.

Phnom Penh Restaurant | Vancouver Chinatown

Everyone knows about the famous and award-winning deep fried chicken wings full of MSG and salty goodness. If anything, it's become a little underwhelming in its predictable tastiness yet still satisfying, nonetheless.

Phnom Penh Restaurant | Vancouver Chinatown

Phnom Penh is a staple and the standard for Cambodian and Vietnamese style food with their line up of authentic dishes. I never veer away from the favourites known to the same level of quality after every visit.

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