March 3, 2014

From Fries to Gravy x L.A. Chicken x Richmond

Fried chicken for dinner from L.A. Chicken in Richmond on February 27, 2014.

L.A. Chicken | Richmond, BC

Before our adventures in wine at VIWF and after the Made in Print factory party, we were in the East Richmond neighbourhood with a hankering for some hole in the wall, California style fried chicken.

L.A. Chicken | Richmond, BC

This made to order ten piece family meal was sizzling and crispy without really any oily or greasiness. We got the spicy option but didn't notice any extra hotness (more like peppery).

L.A. Chicken | Richmond, BC

Along with the tasty gravy and decent fries, the chicken was well-cooked, crispy on the outside, tender, and juicy.

L.A. Chicken | Richmond, BC

L.A. Chicken is very good and just as tasty as you've heard, but it's also dangerous in its addictive filling-ness. It's like fried crack. And FYI, LAC acts like a fast food service stand with limiting seating.

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