October 15, 2013

From Pizza to Lunch x Central City Brew Pub x Surrey

Lunch at Central City Brew Pub at Central City Shopping Centre in Surrey on October 13, 2013.

Central City Brew Pub | Surrey, BC

I made the rare trek to Surrey and Central City Plaza to meet Scott and Dennis for beers and lunch on this quiet Thanksgiving weekend Sunday afternoon. The guys ordered a couple double "incredible" Caesar cocktails (with bacon, blue cheese stuffed olives and horseradish). It was more satisfactory in taste than its lavish composition.

Central City Shopping Centre | Surrey, BC

The attached Central City Tower is pretty marvellous looking up with SFU Surrey occupying its lower floors. Anyhoo, I downed a trio of local craft brews in the Red Racer wheat ale, IPA, and seasonal pumpkin ale (tastes just like pie). All were crafty and tasty in their own right. Wheat was mild and smooth. IPA was hoppy and sparkling in its bite. And the pumpkin was a refreshing, seasonal taste in its blend.

Central City Brew Pub | Surrey, BC

Pizzas were on special and I had margarita pizza (with tomatoes, bocconcini, and basil). I was disappointed. It's a big portion but the bread/crust was stiff and the tomato sauce was weak in taste and flavour.

Central City Brew Pub | Surrey, BC

The double meat pepperoni pizza (with  bacon, ham, and mozzarella) looked like a better proposition but still just okay in itself.

Central City Shopping Centre | Surrey, BC

I'd say go for the beer and cheap daily specials. The location is nice in its lavish suburban scenery and notable architecture. Central City Brewing Co. itself is quickly becoming more popular with its fine line of Red Racer beers.

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