August 18, 2013

Portland: From Thai to Fusion x Chicken Wings x Pok Pok

Portland Trip: Dinner at Pok Pok restaurant on Division Street on August 15, 2013.

Pok Pok | Portland, Oregon

After many missed opportunities, I was finally able to try Pok Pok's fusion style Thai cuisine for myself. On this humid weeknight, there was over an hour wait so we headed across the street to wait at their sister bar, Whiskey Soda Lounge. I love the neighbourhood with tons of surrounding restaurant, bars, and homes. The restaurant itself is a converted house with an intimate bar, dining area, and outdoor patio lounge.

Pok Pok | Portland, Oregon

Onto Ike's vietnamese fish sauce chicken wings marinated nicely and available spicy (or regular). I've heard mixed things recently but enjoyed the wings satisfyingly, despite a little saltiness. I see what all the hubbub is about yet still couldn't help feeling slightly underwhelmed.

Pok Pok | Portland, Oregon

We ordered a host of other dishes including Kaeng Hang Leh (Northern Thai sweet pork belly/shoulder with ginger, palm sugar, and turmeric), Kung Op Wun Sen (prawns baked in a clay pot over charcoal with pork belly, lao jiin, soy ginger, and noodles), and Pet Pha Lo (Thai style stewed duck leg in five spice soy broth). All were fairly solid and an interesting Thai/pan-Asian fusion style mix with western influences.

Pok Pok | Portland, Oregon

We washed everything down with some Vietnamese coffees, cha yen (Thai iced tea with condensed milk), and whiskey soda float.

Pok Pok | Portland, Oregon

I was more than satisfied with the overall dining experience and family style dinner at Pok Pok. The service was great and the menu selection was eclectic and tasty. Everything was enjoyed with a trio of rices flavours, coconut, jasmine, and sticky. Pok, pok.

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