July 16, 2013

From Fries to Beer x Portland Craft x Riley Park–Little Mountain

Beer and snacks at Portland Craft bar on Main Street in Riley Park–Little Mountain on July 15, 2013.

Portland Craft | Main Street, Vancouver

On this quiet Monday evening, I met a friend for beers. Appropriately, we dreamed of Portland as we drank at this Eastside bar specializing in Pacific Northwest and American craft beers.

Portland Craft | Main Street, Vancouver

I always enjoy munching on their house frites (with smoked paprika and roasted garlic aioli) as a deep fried lubricant for more beer drinking.

Portland Craft | Main Street, Vancouver

Obviously, a few beers were had. PC's eclectic beer variety can be a tad daunting. I tend to gravitate towards the Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat Ale and Occidental Hefeweizen, both refreshing, tasty summer ales.

Portland Craft | Main Street, Vancouver

Our daily special pizza featured grilled chicken, leek, and parmesan cheese on a thinly baked crust. I'm not usually partial to chicken on pizzas (often too dry), but this was crisp, tasty, and a nice complement to our beers.

Portland Craft | Main Street, Vancouver

I like Portland Craft but not for anything spectacular or noteworthy. It's a solid, reliable place for simple eats with a pleasing selection of frosty beverages in the quaint Riley Park neighbourhood. It's unassuming and does the trick nicely.

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