April 23, 2013

Eurotrip 2013: 1 Day in Munich x BMW Welt x Bavaria

Eurotrip 2013: Walking around Munich and touring BMW Headquarters in Bavaria, Germany on April 16, 2013.

Europe 2013 | Munich, Germany

This is the end. Our last stop... Hello, Munich. Goodbye, Europe. See you soon, Canada.

Europe 2013 | BMW Welt & Museum @ Munich, Germany

Our first stop off our overnight train from Berlin was the massive BMW HQ, celebrating the Bavarian motor company with its BMW Welt complex in Munich.

Europe 2013 | BMW Welt & Museum @ Munich, Germany

After gazing the new models, we hit up the neighbouring BMW Museum, taking in all its automotive history including the evolution of the 3-Series coupes.

Europe 2013 | BMW Welt & Museum @ Munich, GermanyEurope 2013 | BMW Welt & Museum @ Munich, Germany

Outside the BMW complex, the surrounding areas overlooked the Olympiapark sports stadiums (built for the 1972 Summer Olympics).

Europe 2013 | BMW Welt & Museum @ Munich, Germany

The car museum was full of vibrant, visual displays and automotive art pieces including a floating art piece featuring every BMW model's rear decal.

Europe 2013 | Munich, Germany

Strolling around downtown, Munich gave us a feel for its walking nature with its shopping district and public spaces. (Karlstor or "Karl's Gate" in Altstadt, above.)

Europe 2013 | Munich, Germany

Despite our brief stay, Munich proved to be an an adventurous city full of history and bold architecture. It felt more upscale and touristy than Berlin and not a bad way to end the trip.

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