February 10, 2013

The Province: Vancouver's Most Eligible Bachelors

The Province | Vancouver's 14 Most Eligible Bachelors

Well, this is both incredibly flattering and terribly embarrassing. According to The Province newspaper, yours truly is among 14 of Vancouver's most eligible bachelors for their Valentine's Day special in today's Sunday paper (on page A10). More on the cover story here.

The Province | Vancouver's 14 Most Eligible Bachelors

Ladies, be sure to check out the other thirteen inferior (kidding) bachelors. I'm honoured and horrified all at the same time to be on the list as easily one of the younger, least successful of the bunch. Thanks to writer Cheryl Chan for the interview.

FYI, I'm not actually passionate about "robots". It was the funniest, most random response I could think of at the time.

More | YVArcadeVine / Photo | Kris Krüg

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