February 5, 2013

From Chinese to Fusion x Sen Bistro x Broadway x Fairview

Chinese fusion style dinner tasting at Sen Bistro on West Broadway in Fairview Slopes on January 30, 2013.

Sen Bistro | West Broadway, Vancouver

The team from Lin's have brought a different approach to their newest northern Chinese food endeavour. Sen Bistro has unveiled itself as an east meets west Chinese fusion style bistro. This included some relatively safe or tame yet still admirable mashup dishes like the lormi xiaomai sticky rice dumplings (above), an altogether decent treat.

Sen Bistro | West Broadway, Vancouver

Then there were staples like salt and pepper crunchy tofu. Not bad, but it was nothing spectacular. Their salad trio was more intriguing than tasty with a mix of celery, chicken salad, lotus roots, and broad bean mash. One highlight was the chicken, enoki, and shitake soup, full of flavour with a smooth, refreshing taste.

Sen Bistro | West Broadway, Vancouver

Flames were ablaze with the sizzling flambé salmon set afire. Otherwise, it was a well cooked and prepared entrée. I got the obvious impression the restaurant was more of a showcase rather than the utilitarian offerings at Lin's.

Sen Bistro | West Broadway, Vancouver

I found the braised pork with pumpkin in soybean paste very saucy and delectable, eaten up with steam crepes and buns. The double prawns delight (below) was like a fancier version of standard fried seafood dishes.

Sen Bistro | West Broadway, Vancouver

I can comfortably say eating at Sen Bistro was interesting and fun, but I'm not entirely convinced of it as a complete dining experience. Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of Asian fusion stylings or too much mishmash. However, I mostly enjoyed all the different dishes individually and the variety offered.

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