February 24, 2013

Colony Bar x Neighbourhood Pub x Opening x Kitsilano

Colony Bar and neighbourhood pub grand opening in Kitsilano on February 21, 2013.

Colony Bar | Kitsilano, VancouverColony Bar | Kitsilano, Vancouver

Lounging in Kits' newest, revamped neighbourhood pub, formerly Kitsilano Billiards (from the same family ownership group).

Colony Bar | Kitsilano, Vancouver

Sipping on a robust Maker's sour (aka bourbon/whisky sour).

Colony Bar | Kitsilano, Vancouver

Dining on some comfort bar food with small twists including winning wings (stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in maple bacon), wok fried squid, and braised pork belly sliders.

Colony Bar | Kitsilano, Vancouver

Friendly servers, bar staff, and company serving up many local beers on tap from Whistler, Parallel 49, and Driftwood brewing companies, whilst enjoying the Canucks game on screens all around.

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