January 20, 2013

Bourbon & Barbers x Killjoy Cocktail Tavern x Yaletown

Bourbon & Barbers event at Killjoy Cocktail Tavern and cocktail bar from the Donnelly Group in Yaletown on January 17, 2013.

Bourbon & Barbers | Killjoy Barbers @ Yaletown, Vancouver

To celebrate executive bartender Jay "Barjonesing" Jones (formerly of the Shangri-La and Market) coming into the Donnelly Group fold and Killjoy's newest incarnation as bar AND barber shop, we gathered for a night of male grooming and bourbon.

Bourbon & Barbers | Killjoy Barbers @ Yaletown, VancouverBourbon & Barbers | Killjoy Barbers @ Yaletown, Vancouver

One of many beard themed cocktails was the old fashioned like No. 5 Garrison (very top, in honour of our bearded new Canucks defenceman) featuring Canadian Club spiced whiskey, brown sugar, bitters, orange peel, and a special handcrafted ice ball.

Bourbon & Barbers | Killjoy Barbers @ Yaletown, Vancouver

I greatly enjoyed my luxurious and smooth straight razor shave (and haircut) from barber Mark Hoydan. It was so very smooth. "Ain't nobody dope as me, I'm dressed so fresh, so clean" – OutKast.

Before and after shots from my shave (left) and before, during, and after my Mad Men-esque haircut (right). Fun fact: Mark is only the second person to ever to cut my hair in my entire life (true story).

Bourbon & Barbers | Killjoy Barbers @ Yaletown, Vancouver

I found the novelty and utility of Killjoy's barber shop storefront, cocktail bar back, and basement club surprisingly appealing. The old school grooming and drink mix made for a thoroughly enjoyable combination of treats.

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Rick Chung said...

You've been cutting your own hair your whole life?

Rick Chung said...

No, of course not. That would be ridiculous. It was his mom.

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