May 23, 2012

Dinner x La Brasserie Restaurant x Davie Street

Dinner at La Brasserie French restaurant on Davie Street on May 17, 2012.

La Brasserie | Davie Street, Vancouver

After the Raincity Grill party, Kevin, Val, and I were still peckish and wandered down Davie Street for some grub.

La Brasserie | Davie Street, Vancouver

Kevin was swayed to order the suckling pig and seemed content yet slightly disappointed (possibly because of dish envy below). It looked quite appetizing with house-made sauerkraut and schupfnudel (skinny German dumpling).

La Brasserie | Davie Street, Vancouver

On Mijune of Follow Me Foodie's insistence, someone had to try the roasted lamb cheeks (available on special only on Thursdays) with mashed potatoes and carrot puree. It was highlight of the night and garnered everyone's jealousy.

La Brasserie | Davie Street, Vancouver

I had a strong desire for the truffled poutine to nibble on. The strong smell of truffle oil wafted the air. I enjoyed the generous amount of cheese curds and was pleasantly surprised at how many fries there were in the small-looking side dish bowl.

La Brasserie | Davie Street, Vancouver

A bit pricey, La Brasserie is a nice, intimate dining experience with quality food and ingredients serving French cuisine with flair and style. I'm interested to return, try again, and sample a full meal.

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