January 31, 2012

The Social Medium: 5 Reasons Why Social Networking is Awesome

1) It's fun and interesting.

So much fun. The instant exchange of information and experiences online is now second nature. That instant satisfaction and opportunity to connect immediately is making our global community and world into a much smaller, connective one.

We can connect to friends, family, strangers, celebrities, and whoever instantaneously, sharing experiences and news with ease. Keeping track of others and connecting with your greater local community and network is a true marvel of the digital age. Keeping up with friends new and old gives you no excuse to lose touch.

2) It makes life easier.

Seriously, from finding new interests to crowd sourcing and information, social media gives you access to a huge swath of people and knowledge with an easy click or swipe. Keeping track or finding new opportunities, customers, clients, coworkers, friends, or whatever you want is easier than ever.

The construct of these social networks allows for casual interactions on an endless number of topics. Crowd sourcing anything you do or experiences for feedback makes your everyday decisions so much easier.

3) It makes life more random.

So random. Because of social media, we notice and experience more randomness (for the better). I've run into and reconnected with so many people from my past or related to other random folks because of social media. It truly makes your local community smaller.

You wouldn't believe finding out how random people in your life are interconnected. Throwaway ideas or events become fun adventures because you had the foresight to share it with others online. Social networking makes you braver and more adventurous sharing your digital life with the world. Because we can better connect, we figure out commonalities that inevitably lead to coincidences and random experiences.

4) Expanding your network.

Social media has taught me to obsessively and methodically keep track of my contact list or digital rolodex. I have a box full of business cards. I painfully go through them and add them to my contacts which is synced to my smartphone. I'm able to meet so many new people and connect or keep in contact with a significant number of them.

You never know when it will come in handy or you will need instant access to someone's expertise whom you may have met briefly somewhere. Connections and opportunities can be random and momentous. Seize it when it strikes.

5) Meeting people IRL.

This is the best reason. Meeting new, fun, and interesting people or friends of like minds, hobbies, interests, skills, and professions online and in real life is a god send. Personally, my life is so much richer and more fulfilling having met and made some of the most wonderful friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and coworkers online.

You can meet so many similar people to collaborate and connect to. It's so much easier to approach professionals and known people through online social networks casually to have an in when introducing yourself in person. It's made a connector of everyone in some way.

Photo | Rachel A.K.

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