January 9, 2012

Dinner x Burgers x Ensemble Tap Restaurant

Dinner and bar food at Ensemble Tap restaurant and bar on Smithe Street on January 6, 2012.

Ensemble Tap | Downtown Vancouver

On a random Thursday, Annabelle, Dennis, and I hopped downtown to finally try Chef Dale MacKay's Ensemble bar spin-off. Surprised, it was entirely different than the upscale offerings at the main Ensemble location with French cuisine a block away.

Ensemble Tap | Downtown Vancouver

Ensemble Tap features a pretty standard selection of bar food (of which I'm a fan) with sports playing all around. A quick Twitter poll recommended we try the Thai chicken wings. I can confirm they were pretty tasty and delicious.

Ensemble Tap | Downtown Vancouver

I was a little annoyed because I asked for the Tap burger sans mushrooms, but they gave me without onions instead and with mushrooms. I dislike mushrooms and do like onions. The fries were really good and crisp with special sauce. The burger was solid but nothing spectacular. I was more intrigued by Dennis' chicken burger which looked huge and crispy on ciabatta bread. He didn't seem impressed.

Ensemble Tap | Downtown Vancouver

The whole meal was okay, just satisfactory. I may come back but am undecided. I was impressed and happy about the beer selection particularly on tap. Too bad only a few are available in pitchers. All in all, things were not bad, but not all that memorable either.

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Rick Chung said...

how can u be reviewing food when you dislike mushrooms and onions???!!! find another job that suits you and believe me you'd be better off..!

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