November 22, 2011

Yelp Dim Sum Cabaret x Elite Event x The Keefer Bar

Yelp Dim Sum Cabaret Elite Event at The Keefer Bar in Chinatown on November 22, 2011.

Yelp Dim Sum Cabaret | The Keefer Bar

Yelp Elite parties are pretty sick. This time around, it was a smaller, relatively low-key affair in the narrow Keefer Bar. I stuck at the bar and took in the good times and vibes of another community bonding affair.

Yelp Dim Sum Cabaret | The Keefer Bar

When you host a party at the bar, the drinks must be good... and they indeed were. We were pretty impressed by the service and output by all the bartenders shuffling out the gin and bourbon drinks as we witnessed a brief yet bizarrely entertaining burlesque show by Crystal Precious.

Yelp Dim Sum Cabaret | The Keefer Bar

I sat down at the bar with Colene and Vincci and they just kept serving me/us food. From meat and cheese plates to dim sum, mushroom sliders, spring rolls, meat on a stick, and various appies, it was all fairly delectable.

Yelp Dim Sum Cabaret | The Keefer Bar

What I enjoy most about these parties is the variety. Sampling Vancouver food, drink, dining, and nightlife and what is has to offer is so much fun. I'm always impressed by our local hospitality community's support.

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