August 25, 2011

Goldfish Seafood x Endeavor Snowboards x Catalog Gallery

A night of tweets and random fun told entirely through TwitPics at Goldfish Seafood & Chops, Endeavor Snowboards, and Catalog Gallery on August 17, 2011.

We started off our night with happy hour at Goldfish after the tweetup there. We ate a lot of buck-a-shuck oysters. From there, we wandered to random places, events, and parties (relatively sobre) for a fun, random night on the town. Relive it here told entirely from photos taken and posted to Twitter throughout the evening.

The usuals were there, Dennis, May, Colene, Linzi, and I. We dined on appetizers and various treats. The garlic fries were surprisingly good. Colene was hankering for a ton of oysters. I had a few, saving myself for the cooked treats.

The prawns, spring rolls, and so were all good. The deep fried calamari was kind of tasteless and lacking. We had to send back our first order after its simultaneously salty and bland taste.

The lobster and avocado flatbread is superb. We had three. It's definitely a must try.

Thanks to Michelle Leroux from Reine Communications and the editor of Whistler Is Awesome, we hit the Archetype event at the new Endeavor snowboard studio in Railtown.

It was not our scene at all, but fun nonetheless. There were lots of snow types and hipsters. Us Asian kids hung outside because the place was jam-packed as we mingled about.

We enjoyed our Sapporo tall boys and random snacks including mac and cheese served in mini Chinese food containers from a guy out of a taxicab. This small, feisty dog below picked a fight with this massive, pony-sized hound.

Afterwards, we hit up Catalog for a drink to meet up with Vanessa Tam before checking out The Helm on what was Queer Film Festival night. There were lots of gay dudes around and I've never felt more out of place yet oddly welcomed.

It was a fun night full of random, impromptu events with some of my favourite people. I like to call it our adventures in weekday drinking.

Photo | Colene / Dennis Pang / May C.

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