July 16, 2011

Save On Meats Diner x Bacon Cheeseburger x Gastown

Tasting the Save On Meats burger with bacon and cheese at their diner in Gastown on July 6, 2011.

The Burger | Save-On-Meats

I finally got around to trying the food and meaty goodness at the revamped Save On Meats, a former landmark in Gastown.

The Burger | Save-On-Meats

Hands down, everyone told me to try the burger and the four of us all got it. The burger was wicked good. The meat was tasty, fresh, and grilled to perfection. The bun was massive and I only ate half of mine. For only 6 bucks, it's an incredible value, far better than any fast food joint for more money and less flavour.

The Burger | Save-On-Meats

The fries were crisp and a meal all to their own. I really like the new incarnation of the diner with its old school vibe and atmosphere. It's a great spot for a bite to eat on a fine afternoon. It's definitely a recommend.

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Rick Chung said...

I'm already hungry. It's very palatable. How much is it.

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