June 29, 2011

Happy Hour x Goldfish Seafood & Chops x Yaletown

Happy hour at Goldfish Seafood & Chops in Yaletown on June 20, 2011.

Goldfish Pacific Kitchen | Yaletown

A few of us have started a tradition of eating oysters and talking shop. This all started at the Guilt and Company speakeasy onto Rodney's in Yaletown.

Goldfish Pacific Kitchen | Yaletown

So we decided to hit up Goldfish for their buck-a-shuck special on oysters. They were actually really good.

Goldfish Pacific Kitchen | Yaletown

We dined on their happy hour menu which was very appealing.

Goldfish Pacific Kitchen | YaletownGoldfish Pacific Kitchen | Yaletown

Along with some inexpensive chardonnay wine, it was a fun evening.

Goldfish Pacific Kitchen | Yaletown

We tried a whole bunch of items including their tasty salmon sashimi as well as some lobster avocado flatbread. The flatbread was really good.

Goldfish Pacific Kitchen | Yaletown

The bacon fried rice was particularly delightful. You can't go wrong with bacon in fried rice. Their four piece dim sum was pretty standard.

Goldfish Pacific Kitchen | Yaletown

The capper and dessert of a sugary sweet donut was quite good, but only because of the tasty Vietnamese coffee-flavoured custard dip. Our happy hour meal was delicious, especially for the price, making for good value.

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