April 20, 2011

Comfort Food x Burgoo Bistro x Main Street

Soups and sandwiches for dinner at Burgoo Bistro on Main Street on April 19, 2011.

Burgoo Bistro | Main Street

A colleague and I hopped down to Burgoo for some good ol' comfort food. Everything on the menu sounded mighty scrumptious, boasting recipes from around the world. My Blue Back Pale Ale hit the spot nicely out of the bottle. I had heard all sorts of thing about the eatery and finally got around to popping by myself.

Burgoo Bistro | Main StreetBurgoo Bistro | Main Street

We both started off with some soups. I went with the Manhattan clam chowder (left) and Alison went with a traditional tomato soup (right). I love my chowders and this was was hearty with clam, potatoes, and all the fixings. Although the bacon was delicious, it's hard texture did get a little rough and grating.

Burgoo Bistro | Main Street

I garbled up my Dos Diablos sandwich made up of two grilled cut filone sandwiches with melted spicy white cheddar, chorizo sausage, and roasted red peppers. This was very good, moist, and a tad oily, but it went down nicely.

Burgoo Bistro | Main Street

Alison had the Tastier Chicken sandwich with roasted chicken, melted brie, apple, cucumber, red onion and greens. I had my eye on that but couldn't resist the lore of some grilled cheese. It did look good and judging my her response, it was.

My biggest complaint is simply for Burgoo being what it is. They proudly label themselves as comfort food and the description fits. The sandwiches were filling, fatty, thick, rich, and tasty.

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