March 28, 2011

Eat and Drink x Tiki Bar x Nuba Cafe x Leeteg Room x Waldorf Hotel

Eat and Drink at the Waldorf Hotel inside the Tiki Bar, Nuba Cafe, and the Leeteg Room in Grandview-Woodland on March 23, 2011.

The Tiki Bar | The Waldorf Hotel

On a crazy Wednesday night, after the Footworks grand opening and before heading to the East Van Tweetup, Colene and I hopped down to East Hastings to drop by the Eat and Drink event at the Waldorf. The joint was sampling their new Spanish menu for friends and media.

The Tiki Bar | The Waldorf Hotel

I always like to start with the Tiki Bar. It's almost too hip and trendy for its own good. It's such a cool place to sit back and enjoy a cocktail. We met up with Mikala Taylor from the Backstage Rider and her hubby, Dave. Colene and I had a blast hopping from room to room, mingling about and soaking in the retro classic yet timeless vibe of the hotel.

The Leeteg Room | The Waldorf HotelThe Leeteg Room | The Waldorf Hotel

The sangrias were dynamite. I absolutely adore the Waldorf Hotel and its new incarnation. It's definitely worth the trek out deep into East Van on Hastings Street.

The Leeteg Room | The Waldorf Hotel

Because of the cool vibe, offbeat locale, and blast from the past feel, the Waldorf attracts a special kind of hipster. These ones are particularly trendy and beyond irony. The Leeteg Room is a great spacious lounge-type dining room providing an excellent atmosphere.

The Leeteg Room | The Waldorf Hotel

After the Sidecar Trolley Tour, I had to grab another fresh coconut and rum drink. It's a struggle to describe how tasty the coconut milk is with your choice of rum or tequila.

The Leeteg Room | The Waldorf HotelThe Tiki Bar | The Waldorf Hotel

The food was so delicious. The Spanish eats were delightful and tasty with a special portion of sauces and cheeses. The Waldorf is a great, cultural and entertainment hub in strong contrast to the hub downtown. The great food only add to its appeal and unique cultural atmosphere.

The Tiki Bar on Urbanspoon Nuba (Waldorf Hotel) on Urbanspoon The Leeteg Room at the Waldorf Hotel on Urbanspoon

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