January 17, 2011

Dinner x Cactus Club Cafe x Richmond

Dinner at Cactus Club Cafe in Richmond on December 28, 2010.

Short Rib Sandwich | Cactus Club Cafe

My cousins and I dropped by Cactus Club in Richmond after a good experience downtown for lunch earlier. I ordered the short rib sandwich and I thought it was mighty scrumptious and tasty. I liked the meaty texture which was moist and tangy. The bread was crisp but not hard with a soft touch once bitten into.

Cactus Club Cafe | Richmond

Everything was fairly classy and somewhat upscale for what I consider fairly decent, reasonable prices. The staff and service were all friendly and attentive.

Westcoast Pocket Trio | Cactus Club Cafe

The west coast pocket trio consisting of oceanwise wild smoked salmon, avocado, seasoned rice, pea shoots, tofu, and tobikko was a little small but a winner at the table. It was a neat east meets west fusion style appetizer.

Kalamari | Cactus Club Cafe

The kalamari was ridiculously large-portioned for an appetizer dish. Never mind, it was also scrumptious.

The Burger | Cactus Club CafeYam Fries | Cactus Club Cafe

"The Burger" was quite large and had all the fixings and packed a large punch and was filling to say the least and yam fries are always good.

BBQ Duck Clubhouse | Cactus Club Cafe

My cousin had the BBQ duck clubhouse sandwich on my recommendation. He was punched with the variety of meats, flavour, and was full to the brim afterward.

Chocolate Lava Cake | Cactus Club CafeWhite Chocolate Cheesecake | Cactus Club Cafe

The chocolate lava cake brownie and white chocolate cheesecake were both so incredibly delicious. They tasted so good. All said, it was another fine dining adventure.

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