December 8, 2010

Brunch x Tweetup x Café Medina x Gastown

Brunch tweetup at Café Medina in Gastown with Colene, Vanessa Chu, Dennis Pang, and May C. on December 5, 2010.

Brunch | Café Medina

Our little Asian Twitter foodie crew decided to grab some delicious brunch Sunday morning before the Santa Clause parade. Café Medina is pretty popular and the small diner joint was packed to the gills as we waited seventh in the queue to be seated. Our waitress was very friendly and we were seated in a timely manner. Despite the business, the service was good and prompt.

Brunch | Café MedinaBrunch | Café Medina

I have no idea why Colene looks so creepy in that photo, but May's facial expression is pretty priceless.

Café Mocha | Café MedinaBrunch | Café Medina

We all got a coffee or tea. I had my drink of choice, a Café Mocha. It was good but nothing spectacular and not quite hot enough for my taste, but did the trick.

Brunch | Café Medina

Dennis, the food aficionado, had a tough time deciding on what to get as did the rest of our group. I was torn on the variety of scrumptious sounding egg dishes as well as my love of waffles. So I got both.

L’Omlette du Matin | Café Medina

I ordered the daily omelette with potatoes, yams, zucchini, tomatoes, fetta cheese, and it was mighty tasty. The grilled foccacia bread was good too.

Tagine | Café Medina

May got the Tagine and everyone instantly was jealous at the hearty, flavourful looking presence of it. It was quite filling and well portioned.

Fricassé | Café Medina

Dennis got the Fricassé and seemed a little surprised at the copious amounts of veggies in it.

Waffles | Café MedinaWaffles | Café Medina

Colene and Vanessa ordered just waffles on their own as the rest of us got a single waffle on the side of our dishes. I had mine with chocolate lavender sauce and it was quite good. The raspberry caramel also looked very appetizing.

Brunch | Café Medina

We were all really full and satisfied with our meals walking away. It was a little pricey, but it was expected. I look forward to returning and sampling more of the fine brunch eats at this Gastown spot.

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