December 14, 2010

Dinner x Alpha Global Sushi & Bar x Yaletown

Late night Japanese food dinner at Alpha Global Sushi & Bar in Yaletown with Vanessa ChuDennis PangMay C., and Beki Liang on December 10, 2010.

Alpha Global Sushi & Bar | Yaletown

After a night at Caprice for the Holiday Meetup of Meetups with other Vancouver Twitter folk, the five of us were starving for some good food. Eventually, we settled on Alpha for its great sushi and Japanese eats.

Alpha Global Sushi & Bar | Yaletown

Unfortunately, the small Yaletown eatery was packed late on a Friday night. The staff were friendly and told us it would be a half hour wait. We strolled around Yaletown for a bit before returning. Out waiter took our order early so we could eat as soon as we were seated. I enjoy little friendly touches like that.

Alpha Global Sushi & Bar | YaletownAlpha Global Sushi & Bar | Yaletown

The place looks normal enough, but it has a odd feeling to it. Our menu was inside an old textbook about the human body. There were graffiti painting adorning the walls.

Tuna Garlic Pepper Sashimi | Alpha Global Sushi & Bar

The tuna garlic pepper sashimi was a great starter. I am not the biggest tuna fan, but its garlic taste and sauce was really scrumptious.

Mango Vancouver Roll | Alpha Global Sushi & Bar

The Vancouver mango rolls (California rolls with smoked salmon and mango) were tasty and hit the spot. I gave extra points for presentation.

Chicken Kara-Age | Alpha Global Sushi & Bar

One of my favourite dishes was the Chicken karaage. It was very filling with its large, balled up form. The meat was piping hot inside.

Mentaiko Udon | Alpha Global Sushi & Bar

The Mentaiko Udon was another winner of the night. The seafood and fish roe texture was smooth and creamy. The taste of it was quite scrumptious and delightful.

Taco Rice Salad | Alpha Global Sushi & Bar

Part of the appeal of Alpha was May's incessant recommendation of the taco rice salad. She went on and on about it, building up its anticipation. Well, she was right.

Taco Rice Salad | Alpha Global Sushi & BarTaco Rice Salad | Alpha Global Sushi & Bar

The taco rice salad was delicious. I have no idea why it is served at a sushi bar, but I could not care less. The combination of rice, lettuce, and tomatoes all messed up in a bowl with some sort of barbecue like sauce made the dish tasty.

Miso Teriyaki Beef | Alpha Global Sushi & Bar

The short ribs and other side dishes including the deep fried prawns were solid too.

Beef Sashimi | Alpha Global Sushi & Bar

The beef sashimi was another raw dish served well and quite a treat to eat.

Calamari Salad | Alpha Global Sushi & Bar

The kalamari salad I thought was just okay. It did not stand out like the other dishes quite as well.

Mango Vancouver Roll | Alpha Global Sushi & Bar

I thought this Yaletown sushi eatery provided a great late night dining experience. It has an offbeat vibe with its friendly staff and unique atmosphere.

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Lisa said...

Yum! Every dish you described and photographed seems delectable. I've never been to Alpha although I've walked past it that I know what I'm missing, I'll definitely have to check it out.

Rick Chung said...

It was yummy!

Rick Chung said...

My 5 orders - I decided to get take out here and for these 5 items I was charged 39.95
Taco rice
Beef teriyaki
Prawn tempura
Miso soup
Dynamite roll
I have many things to say about the lack of care and quality in my order. The picture says it all. Does this look like a 40$ meal to you? You be the judge. BTW - food is absolutely uninspired and tastes both over and undercooked. I have a feeling my picture doesn't show but the portions are not large. Not sure where these beaming reviews are coming from but I am not impressed.

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