December 20, 2010

5 Easy Ways Women Can Make Men Happy

1) Flirt.

Men like to have their egos stroked. No matter what stage of a relationship you are in or even if you are not in a romantic one at all, men like to flirt. Even men in committed relationships like the ego boost of another woman's (hopefully) harmless flirtations. We like the attention. It makes us feel special.

2) Be one of the guys.

It certainly does not hurt to throw back a beer, watch some sports or some mindless comedy or action flick, and kick back like a dude. Women who show they can be cool and blend in with a testosterone fest of other dudes come off as cool, fun, uncomplicated, secure, and attractive.

3) Compliment him.

Everyone likes to be complimented. Men have feelings that need tending to as well. This is different than flirting and more about attention and appreciation. Subtle, genuine comments of affection always come off well. If you are about to be critical, make a complaint, or point out a flaw, try softening it up with a compliment beforehand. Men like to be appreciated too.

4) Feed him.

They say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach, need I say more? Keep him happy by making sure he is well fed and he is sure not to stray and stay happy. Food is the easiest way to take care of a man and show him you care.

5) Feign interest.

You may not like sports or action movies or whatever, but it would certainly help if you showed interest in your his hobbies. Guys love it when girls share or at least show interest in their likes and tastes. It shows you value what is important to him and that your feelings are genuine.

Men are not that complicated. Actually, most of us are kind of stupid. Take care of his basic needs and occasionally do the things he likes and he will be happy and return the favour.

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