November 26, 2010

Lunch x Cactus Club Cafe x Bentall 5 x Burrard

Lunch at Cactus Club Cafe at Bentall 5 on Burrard Street on November 20, 2010 with Angela Jung.

BBQ Duck Clubhouse | Cactus Club Cafe

On our lunch break from YWiB's Beyond Pink conference, Angela and I headed out for a classy lunch. We went to Cactus Club Cafe's flagship location downtown at Bentall.

Cactus Club Cafe | Bentall 5

The spot is a relatively isolated location considering its prime locale. I like the open feeling with big, bright windows and spacious areas all around.

Ugly Ale | Cactus Club Cafe

I had a refreshing Ugly Ale which is a hefeweizen beer. It was quite tasty.

BBQ Duck Clubhouse | Cactus Club Cafe

I ordered the BBQ Duck Clubhouse sandwich which I thought was very delicious. The sandwich has the titular barbeque duck, chicken breast, fancy, thin back bacon, all on fruit bread. It was damn good, but hard to eat as I got sauce all over my hands and somehow the bottom bread slice got eaten much faster than the top piece. Those toothpicks they use to hold the sandwiches together never work.

Jack Daniels' Ribs | Cactus Club Cafe

Angela had a hankering for the Jack Daniels' ribs. She made me eat a third of it and they were soft and good off the bone. The ribs were saucy and tasty. Too bad the mash potatoes were a little plain and unspectacular. I thought it was a pretty good lunch meal in a somewhat upper class restaurant at their signature location.

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