September 8, 2010

Dinner x Yew Restaurant + Bar x Four Seasons Hotel

Dinner at Yew Restaurant + Bar inside the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver on September 5, 2010.

Duck | Yew Restaurant and Bar

A bunch of us decided to treat ourselves to a fancy dining experience at Yew Restaurant and Bar after trolling around downtown for TaiwanFest and the Victory Square Block Party. Located upstairs at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver in downtown, the restaurant was a pretty crowded so we dined in the lounge area. I found the service staff very friendly and accommodating, but sometimes a little hard to get their attention.

Yew Restaurant and Bar | Four Seasons Hotel VancouverYew Restaurant and Bar | Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver

I ordered the duck served medium rare. I found it fabulously delicious. It was served with two separate cuts of duck cooked different ways. I thought it was rich, hardy, and plentifully filling.

Yew Restaurant and Bar | Four Seasons Hotel VancouverYew Restaurant and Bar | Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver

A few of my dining partners split a bottle of the 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon red wine which is discounted on Sundays. They commented on its fruity taste and quality.

Seafood Paella | Yew Restaurant and Bar

I was eying the seafood paella all night as it looked quite tasty. There were a lot of mussels and the prawns were big. It looked vibrant and colourful.

Tuna Salad | Yew Restaurant and Bar

The tuna salad also looked good and was apparently filling and well portioned with a lot of variety of veggies.

Tuna | Yew Restaurant and Bar

Next, the tuna plate was said to be surprisingly filling, rich with flavour, beautifully presented and garnished. One of my dinner companions could not stop talking about the delectable nature of the goat cheese risotto and its good flavour.

Risotto | Yew Restaurant and Bar

I thought it was a very good upscale dining experience overall at reasonable prices ($30-40 range) and all the food was quite delicious and filling, while being well portioned. It was a very pleasant, worthwhile dinner as I found the food was a more than satisfying meal.

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Imperial Hotel Management College said...

What wine did your dining partners order?

Rick Chung said...

2008 Mission Hill Cab.

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