August 18, 2010

Okay Awesome! Honest to Blog

"You maintain your personal blog with mind-boggling dedication."

Greetings people of Earth and loyal blog readers. I want your advice.

You may have noticed, I have been on a pretty dedicated, seriously furious and consistent blogging pace so far this summer and I think I may be starting to run out of steam, especially after meeting my goal of one blog post for every weekday last week. Plus, there is still a few weeks until I head back to journalism school and my internship at CBC Radio 3 so I thought I would check in with everyone.

This is where I solicit ideas and suggestions for story pitches, blog post ideas, and upcoming events to cover. I know there is a ton of end of summer stuff, some of which I plan on covering along with the bunch of stuff I get randomly invited to or will go to anyways. So please let me know if you have any suggestions or pitch me ideas for me. I obviously love going to events, meeting people, trying new things, and taking photos. I almost always try my best to make it anywhere I get a personal invitation.

Also, I enjoy getting any constructive feedback, even negative criticism, which I got my fair share of blogging for The messages I get about my work always make my day. I really like having a running dialogue about how I do things and what I write. I remember the days when I had two regular readers so please, even if it is a few words, tell me what you think: the good, the bad, and anything else. Or just say hi. I like knowing who's reading. I have improved volumes since I started and want to continue that trend.

Thanks in advance for your continued support.

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Kemp Edmonds said...

You are doing great! My one piece of advice is to syndicate some of your blog posts/columns to other local online publications when possible

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