July 13, 2010

Dinner x Miku Restaurant x Coal Harbour

YVR Soul Food Tweetup #2  at Miku Restaurant in Coal Harbour with Janet Tieu, Vanessa Chu, Jason Baker, Adrian Mercado, and Christina Buiza on July 13, 2010.

Miku Restaurant | Vancouver, BC

Last night, I went out on my first formal Tweetup (Twitter meetup) with some of Vancouver's finest active Twitter users. We talked all things food and social networking in an interactive dining setting.

Miku Restaurant | Vancouver, BC

The food was pretty good. Miku has a unique, special brand of sushi. However, it was pretty pricey with all its fanciness. Our white waiter (not that it matters) gave us a really long speech about the restaurant's menu before telling us the many different specials. Upon entering the restaurant, the mix of servers and kitchen staff yell loud but friendly greetings, setting up an interesting atmosphere.

YVR Soul Food Tweetup | Miku Restaurant

All in all, it was a fun, interesting meeting made successful by the interesting mix of people and good conversation. We talked all things social media, blogging, Vancouver, and about our experiences in the social networking community in general.

YVR Soul Food Tweetup | Miku Restaurant

The seafood was high quality and tasty but still not entirely worth the price.

Miku Restaurant | Vancouver, BC

The presentation and service were very good even if a tad slow.

Miku Restaurant | Vancouver, BCMiku Restaurant | Vancouver, BC

It is clear that Miku and its staff have carefully cultivated an classy, upscale dining experience using a specific set of dining rules.

YVR Soul Food Tweetup | Miku RestaurantYVR Soul Food Tweetup | Miku Restaurant

The restaurant's menu is full of their own creations with specific eating instructions. A lit blowtorch was used on many dishes with an emphasis on flavour and uniqueness.

YVR Soul Food Tweetup | Miku Restaurant

It was a nice dining experience at an interesting but loud dining venue. Afterward, most of us went for some after dinner Gelato on Robson that was refreshing on a cool summer night.

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great meeting you! thanks for coming out.

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