May 20, 2013

From Bourbon to Tapas x East of Main Cafe x Chinatown

New tapas menu tasting at East of Main Cafe in Chinatown on May 15, 2013.

East of Main Cafe | Vancouver Chinatown

Chinatown's hidden bar and eatery, East of Main Cafe, shared their new tapas menuinspired by Mediterranean cuisine and Spanish living,  from consulting chef Tina Fineza with some exotic yet inviting flavours.

East of Main Cafe | Vancouver ChinatownEast of Main Cafe | Vancouver Chinatown

I enjoyed a very refreshing and tasty Monsieur Palmer cocktail with bourbon, lemon, and black tea syrup, mixed by head bartender Daniel Johnston.

East of Main Cafe | Vancouver Chinatown

First, we sucked down a very basic yet still delicious raw spot prawn. Their take on Albacore tuna tataki (with baharat spiced, seared rare, kalamata olive, and fattoush salad, below) did not disappoint as well.

East of Main Cafe | Vancouver Chinatown

Other highlights were an amusing raw zucchini (below), a saucy Pacific red snapper, decadent eggplant moussaka, and flavourful lamb tagine, among many intriguing dishes.

East of Main Cafe | Vancouver Chinatown

It was also heartening to learn of the cafe's place in an emerging, new Chinatown, community ownership in support of the Project Limelight Society and youth performing arts program, as well as the roots in the local film industry.

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