February 20, 2014

From Akakuro-Buta to Pork x Kingyo x Damso x Secret Location

Akakuro-buta pork tasting tour at Kingyo Izakaya, Damso Modern Korean Restaurant, and Secret Location on February 19, 2014.

To promote their line of Akauro-buta Japanese premium pork loins from Alberta at T&T Supermarket, Wingtat organized a tasting tour to showcase the premium pork at local restaurants served in a variety of ways by different chefs.

Non-pork related to start, I have to mentioned the delightfully tender and tasty tuna tataki (lightly seared Canadian albacore tuna with ponzu jelly) from Kingyo (sister restaurant to Suika).

First, the Tonteki (Japanese style pork steak with sweet onion and garlic sauce) was well prepared but slightly dry and simple yet a little unremarkable.

At Damso next door, the Korean taco was a great and flavourful fusion dish with tons of appeal.

The kimchi jim on a Akakuro-buta pork loin was scrumptious in its fatty, soft, and tender taste.

My favourite was easily the burnt apple crusted collar butt served and tasted like a (beef) steak from Secret Location, cooked perfectly with a fruity flavour to it and fine consistency and a refreshingly crispy outside. Very impressive.

Served in a variety of ways, the Akakuro-buta pork had a nice tender juiciness to it, easily malleable to different styles of cooking and preparation. Try it for yourself.

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Kingyo Izakaya 金魚居酒屋 on Urbanspoon Damso Modern Korean Cuisine on Urbanspoon Secret Location on Urbanspoon

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