September 25, 2012

Steamworks Brewing x Bottled Beer Launch x Brew Pub

Steamworks Brewing Company's bottled beer launch party at Steamworks Brew Pub's Über Lounge in Gastown on September 20, 2012.

Steamworks Brewing Company | Steamworks Brew Pub

Hanging out with bro Mr. Scott Graham (from the newly minted and rebranded, above) over a few brews.

Steamworks Brewing Company | Steamworks Brew Pub

Celebrating Steamworks' launch of their locally brewed 17-year-old craft beer now available in bottles at liquor stores.

Steamworks Brewing Company | Steamworks Brew Pub

Drinking a few steam powered pints including highlights like the seasonal heroica oatmeal stout, wheat and pumpkin ales (along with their standard pale ale, pilsner, and seasonal frambözen raspberry ale).

Steamworks Brewing Company | Steamworks Brew PubSteamworks Brewing Company | Steamworks Brew Pub

Each ale being paired with different snacks and treats including pumpkin flavoured whipped cream frozen in dry ice (above) and raspberry mini ice cream cones from Rogue.

Steamworks Bottled Beer Launch PartySteamworks Bottled Beer Launch Party

Steamworks managing and displaying some excellent, stylized branding with a strong orange and brown colour scheme and whimsical steampunk design. However, for a bottled beer launch, there being severe lack of any actual physical bottles with the beer served from the bar's taps.

More | Good Eat / Gastown / Photo | Kevin Wu

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