August 19, 2012


Tweetup/HootUp lunch at Deacon's Corner diner on Main Street in Railtown on August 16, 2012.

Deacon's Corner | Main Street, Gastown Vancouver

A bunch of us made the  trip to the edge of Gastown bordering Chinatown and Railtown to meet up with a few of HootSuite's worker owls to grab lunch. I was impressed and overwhelmed by the lengthy menu and hearty all-day breakfast service.

Deacon's Corner | Main Street, Gastown Vancouver

Deacon's famous for their Carolina pancakes (that's only a half order, very top) with one giant buttermilk pancake layered with pulled pork and two eggs. It looked and apparently was dangerously delicious. A healthier option, the Cobb salad, was also pretty ridiculous in size and heartiness.

Deacon's Corner | Main Street, Gastown Vancouver

Above: Financial owls Michael S. Tan and Kingsley Chan (left), along with Stephanie Wiriahardja and NYC's Tony Chen (right). Not pictured but heard were Sandra (along with her guns), Diana_, Nick, Jen, David, and Alex.

Deacon's Corner | Main Street, Gastown Vancouver

I had the "outrageous" fried chicken and biscuits (above) with sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, and corn grits. Everyone seemed envious of my pick. The chicken was well-cooked and scrumptious as was the gravy covered biscuits. Sandra ordered the B.E.L.T.C.H. sandwich (below) with bacon, a fried egg, lettuce, tomato, and cheese with hash browns. It was like a tasty B.L.T. on steroids.

Deacon's Corner | Main Street, Gastown Vancouver

I was very satisfied with the food, company, and conversation at Deacon's. It was a fun tweetup (or HootUp rather) over food. I always enjoying chatting with social media colleagues over some fine grub. Check out this hip diner if you're in the Gastown/Chinatown/Railtown area.

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