November 8, 2011

Tacos! Tacos! Tacos! X La Taqueria Taco Shop x Gastown

Tacos at La Taqueria Taco Shop on West Hastings Street in Gastown throughout summer 2011.

I love Mexican food, even fake Mexican food like Taco Bell or Taco Time. I also love tacos. Therefore, I love, love La Tacqueria. See more here.

When I worked in Gastown a block from the Hastings shop, I went every single week and I still usually hit up the newer Cambie location with the same frequency.

I go so often I have a random collection of TwitPics, Instagrams, and general pics of all the deliciousness there I gobble up.

I've tried all the meat ones and my favourite is the pescado grilled fish taco. I get two every single time. I also love the al pastor pork ones. And be sure to get the chorizo ones when they're available on special.

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Rick Chung said...

Love La's the closest thing Vancouver has to real Mexican fare...

Rick Chung said...

OMG those look SOOO delicious!!! I should not have looked at those stomach is growling now....and before bed, too! I must try! Fell in love with tacos after my trip to Mexico :)

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